[Coronavirus-1] Services Available for Foreign Nationals in Japan in this difficult time

Many people/companies have been hugely affected by the Coronavirus outbreak

Japan’s Response to the Coronavirus Outbreak

Responding to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, on 7 April 2020 the Japanese Government declared a state of emergency in some areas including Tokyo and Osaka until 5 May. While the areas extended to all prefectures on 16 April, the effect of the state of emergency has been also extended until 31 May.

The situation is getting worse, affecting many individuals/companies (esp. small and medium-sized ones) financially and/or psychologically. The problem with Japan is that languages other than Japanese are not necessarily widely available in Japanese society.

In this blog, I introduce services/subsidies in this coronavirus situation. The following blog will provide basic advice on labour law (esp. dismissal), public assistance and domestic violence to foreign nationals living in Japan. If you have any concerns please contact me using the Contact Form.

Sevices/Subsidies Available in Japan

1. General Information

First of all, it would be necessary to get the updated information on what kind of services/subsidies are available.

In relation to this, you have a useful tool, the “COVID-19 Countermeasure Support Card” (this “Card”) created by Mr Kai Nagano, an attorney at law in Shizuoka prefecture. This Card, translated into English, Spanish, Portuguese, Filipino and Arabic, summarises what kind of services/subsidies are available for both individuals and companies who/which have been affected by the coronavirus outbreak in Japan. If you have any concerns and would like to know about these services, it would be highly recommended to have a look at this Card to get the information.

This Card is separated into two versions: first for individuals and the second for companies.

2. Special Fixed Cash Benefits (特別定額給付金、“Tokubetsu Teigaku Kyufukin“)

Special Fixed Cash Benefits, 100,000 yen per person, will be provided to those, regardless of their nationality, who are registered with the Basic Resident Registration System as of 27 April 2020. Please take a look at this on other information.
*[Note] Temporary visitors & illegal residents are NOT eligible as they cannot be registered with the system.