[Coronavirus-2] Support for Victims of Domestic Violence in Japan in the situation of coronavirus outbreak

Support for victims of domestic violence

It has been reported that domestic violence (“DV“) and abuse are increasing under the Corona-restraint across the world.

DV is not just violence; rather, it is domination/control of a family member (s) over another member(s) and is not permissible for any reason. DV includes physical, mental, sexual and financial ones.

Please take a look at and consider to use the support called “Domestic Violence Hotline Plus” below if you have any problems. In total 11 languages are available. However, if you need legal advice/assistance please do not hesitate to contact us. In particular, when you have any concern/problem with residence status if you take any actions, it might also be an option to consult lawyers.

Doestic Violence Hotline Plus” (Cabinet Office)