Anne-Marie Hutchinson

This weekend came desperately sad news.

Ms Anne-Marie Hutchinson, literally one of the top family lawyers in the world, passed away on 2 October 2020.

She has been a partner at Dawson Cornwell, the leading family law firm in London.

Anne-Marie has been well known as a prominent lawyer in the field of child abduction and family law generally in the world. Indeed, she has contributed to the Japanese family law as well, especially on the Hague Convention (Child Abduction) cases.

When I was in London in 2019, I asked her whether I could join Dawson Cornwell as I wanted to see and experience the family law practice in England. I quite remember that she replied to my email very quickly and welcomed me to Join Dawson Conwell. I was privileged to have an opportunity to work there for a short period of time.

At the first day of my work at Dawson Cornwell, she kindly came to my desk and talked to me. I remember that I was a bit nervous but I very appreciate her kindness and generosity. I really wanted to see her again after COVID-19.

I cannot be such a great lawyer, but I will continue to do my best to be closer to the lawyer.

My heartfelt condolences to Anne-Marie’s family, friends and her colleagues. Once again thank you very much, Anne Marie. May she rest in peace.

Kenji Yano