Marriage Registration for Foreign Nationals

On 28 January, the Administrative Evaluation Bureau of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) issued a recommendation to the Ministry of Justice to improve the administrative processing of marriage registration for foreign nationals by clearly indicating in advance the requirements for each country and the list of necessary documents, as there are noticeable cases where the administrative processing of the municipalities takes too much time.

It is hoped that this recommendation will lead to faster processing of marriage registration for foreign nationals in the future.

The following is an excerpt from the website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.

Recommendations: Administrative evaluation and monitoring of the proper and smooth processing of foreign family registration affairs
-Concerning the Registration of Marriages of Foreign Nationals


When a foreign national wishes to marry in Japan, a lot of time and effort is spent in explaining and examining the documents at the municipality because the applicable laws and required documents differ depending on the nationality of the individual. In light of this situation, we conducted a survey on the status of the acceptance of marriage notification by municipalities and the status of enquiries to the competent Legal Affairs Bureau.

<The results of the survey

We found that there is insufficient sharing of information among municipalities, the Legal Affairs Bureau, and the Ministry of Justice; for example, information that is useful to other municipalities, such as new information on marriages of foreign nationals, is limited to the municipality where the information was obtained, or there is no system for sharing such information, so that multiple municipalities make similar enquiries to the foreign missions in Japan.


The Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications requested the Ministry of Justice to establish rules for sharing information with municipalities and legal affairs bureaus nationwide, and to establish a system that enables municipalities, legal affairs bureaus, and the Ministry of Justice nationwide to share information promptly, in order to contribute to the smooth processing of administrative work in municipalities (recommendation from the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications to the Minister of Justice).

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