Legal Fees

The legal fees (attorney’s fees) are determined so that each case could be handled carefully and high-quality service could be maintained, taking into consideration the difficulty and complexity of the case, expected time and labour, economic benefits, international elements and other circumstances. Your estimated fees will be explained in detail at the initial legal consultation.

Below is a guideline for reference, using some cases as an example. Please contact me for more information. Please note that the amount listed below does not include the amount corresponding to the amount of the Consumption Tax (10%).

I. Legal Consultation Fee

1. Initial Consultation Fee (weekdays)

5,000 yen for every 30 minutes

2. Consultation Fee other than that above

The consultation fee after 5 pm on weekdays, on weekends/national holidays and from the second time consultation may be increased.

II. Retainer/Contingent Fees & Time Charge

For civil and commercial cases such as negotiations, mediations and litigations, etc., the “Time Charge system”, “Retainer/Contingent Fees system” or a combination of them will be adopted.

1. Time Charge system

The Time Charge system is the basic system to be used for handling your case or to be used in combination with the Retainer & Contingent Fees system. The hourly unit price, which shall be ¥24,000 or more and ¥48,000 or less per hour, is determined in consideration of the difficulty, seriousness, peculiarity and novelty, etc. of the case.

2. Retainer/Contingent Fee system

(1) Definitions

Retainer fee: the compensation to be paid when the lawyer undertakes a case. Retainer fee will not be refunded.

*If the lawyer continuously represents multiple procedures such as negotiation, mediation, conciliation, adjudication or litigation, retainer fee (albeit with some reduction) is required for each procedure

Contingent fee: the compensation to be paid depending on the degree of success, the outcome of the case, which is usually calculated based on the economic benefits the client receives.

(2) Retainer/Contingent Fees for general civil and commercial cases

*Litigation, family cases, labour cases, non-contentious cases, administrative cases, etc.

Amount of economic benefitsRetainer feeContingent fee
3 million yen or less9.6%19.2%
Over 3 million yen to 30 million yen or less6% + 108,000 yen12% + 216,000 yen
Over 30 million yen to 300 million yen or less3.6%+ 828,000 yen7.2% + 1,380,000 yen
Over 300 million yen2.4%+ 4,428,000 yen4.8%+ 7,380,000 yen

*The minimum of the retainer fee and contingent fee is 400,000 yen respectively.

*(Example for calculation)
If the amount claimed for damage is 8,000,000 yen and the amount you actually receives is 6,000,000, the calculation will be as follows.
– Retainer fee: 8 million yen x 6% + 108,000 yen = 588,000 yen
– Contingent fee: 6 million yen x 12% + 180,000 yen = 900,000 yen

(3) Divorce Cases

Divorce cases include both the disputes that cannot be evaluated with money such as divorce itself, child custody and contact and the disputes involving a money claim such as division of property, child support and damages. In the case of the latter, the amount calculated in (2) above may be added to the following retainer fee and/or contingent fee.

Type of divorce caseRetainer feeContingent fee
Negotiation & Conciliation case400,000 yen ~400,000 yen ~
Litigation case500,000 yen ~500,000 yen ~

(4) Division of inherited property

The same calculation method will be used as (2) above. The minimum of Retainer fee is 400,000 yen.

(5) International Family law cases (the Hague Convention cases, international divorce, international inheritance, etc.)

In international cases, the retainer/contingent fees stipulated above may be increased, or the Time Charge system may be used. Please contact me for more information.

III. Handling Fees (‘Tesuryo’)

The Handling Fee is the compensation to be paid for handling the delegated administrative work that, in principle, is concluded in around one procedure such as drafting wills and contracts. For example, drafting/executing wills are calculated based on the followings.

Items Contents Handling fee
Wills Typical 120,000 to 240,000 yen
Atypical Standard
*Based on economic benefits
3 million yen or less …240,000 yen
Over 3 million to 30 million yen or less …1.2% + 204,000 yen
Over 30 million to 300 million yen or less …0.36% + 456,000 yen
Over 300 million yen …0.12% + 1,176,000 yen
Complex or special circumstances Determined considering the case and circumstances
Notarised will 36,000 yen added to the amount above
*The fee is also required to be paid to the notary public.
Execution of will Standard
*Based on economic benefits
3 million yen or less …360,000 yen
Over 3 million to 30 million yen or less …2.4% + 288,000 yen
Over 30 million to 300 million yen or less …1.2% + 520,800 yen
Over 300 million yen …0.6% + 2,448,000 yen
Complex or special circumstances Determined considering the case and circumstances
Cases requiring a court proceeding to execute the will In addition to the handling fee above, legal fee may be required for a court proceeding in accordance with “III.” 1. (2))

IV. Advisory Fee

The Advisory Fee is the compensation to be paid (usually monthly) for certain legal administrative work that is continuously handled under a contract between a client and the lawyer. The content of legal administrative work in the advisory contract includes, in principle, a daily legal consultation.

(1) Companies & Businesses

From 55,000 yen per month

(2) Individuals (non-business person)

From 33,000 yen per month

V. Daily allowance

The daily allowance is the compensation to be paid for the attorney’s leaving the office location for handling the delegated administrative work and being constrained by the case by travel (excluding the constraint due to the handling of the administrative work itself) such as when travelling to a distant court

(1) Half day (round trip 2 to 4 hours)

30,000 yen to 50,000 yen

(2) 1 day (round trip 4 hours or more)

50,000 yen to 100,000 yen

VI. Actual costs

The client shall burden the revenue stamp fee, postage stamp fee, copying fee, communication and transportation expenses, lodging charges, security money, money on deposit, deposited money, translation fee, interpreting fee, and other actual costs necessary for handling the delegated administrative work separately from the legal fees.

The actual cost and others above shall be received as a deposit in advance based on a rough estimate and shall be settled after the end of the contract of mandate. The same may be applied to the time charge and daily allowance.