1. Domestic and International Family Issues

Family or family relationships are at the heart of our lives. However, family is not only a place of safety and security but rather it can sometimes be a hotbed for domination, oppression or abuse and can be the most dangerous place for individuals. Family issues are also characterised by significant personal and emotional conflicts which should be handled carefully. In addition, family law matters in modern society are becoming more and more complicated; to solve them it is necessary to have the updated knowledge of various social sciences including psychology and sociology and cope with the international elements of the conflicts.

I have experience in dealing with family and child disputes in Japan and have successfully dealt with cases with particularly severe conflicts. In London, I had also worked in a family law firm (Dawson Cornwell) internationally renowned in the Hague Convention cases and other family law issues. I had also been involved in cutting-edge family law research in London (UK) and Melbourne (Australia). Based on these experiences, I provide legal services including representation as a counsel in negotiations, conciliation, adjudication and litigation on the following domestic and international family law matters.

In international cases, it is possible to cooperate with or introduce lawyers in other countries if necessary.

Marriage & Divorce

  • Marriage, Partnership (pre and post-nuptial agreements, engagement/disengagement, de facto couple, same-sex couple etc.)
  • Separation, Alimony
  • Divorce
  • Divorce-related issues (child custody, contact/visitation, child support, division of property, damages, family registration, pension, insurance, provisional remedies and execution etc.)
  • Domestic Violence

Wills & Succession

  • Succession and division of inherited property
  • Wills (preparation of wills, execution of wills, effect of wills, disputes over forced heirship [legally secured portion called ‘Iryuubun’])


  • Custody disputes
  • Contact/Visitation
  • Child support
  • The Hague Convention cases (international abduction, relocation and foreign travel, and contact)
  • Acknowledgement, Adoption
  • Wardship
  • Legal counsel for children
  • Child abuse
  • Other issues including problems at school & juvenile delinquencies

Older people & People with Disabilities

  • Adult guardianship
  • Support
  • Trust

2. Corporate/Compliance (especially for small and medium-sized enterprises)

Corporate/Compliance is essential for ensuring the transparency and fair and just relationships that are important for the sustainable growth and development of both companies and workers. I have experience in each of the following areas.

Competition/Antitrust Law, Subcontract Law, Unfair Competition Prevention Act

Competition/Antitrust Law, as a basic law in the market economy, regulates relationships between companies (businesses) to protect and promote fair and transparent transactions between them. Regarding the following laws and related regulations, I have offered legal advice, writing of opinions, negotiations with related organisations such as the Japan Fair Trade Commission, and representation as a counsel in negotiations and litigation.

  • Competition/Antitrust Law (private monopolization, unreasonable restraint of trade, and unfair trade practices)
  • Subcontract Law (issues between main subcontracting entrepreneurs and subcontractors)
  • Unfair Competition Prevention Act and other related regulations

Employment/Labour law

Labour law regulates the relationship between employers and workers. Timely and appropriate advice is essential to promote an environment in which companies and employees can develop and grow together. I have provided legal advice, opinion writing and representation as a counsel in negotiations and litigation to both employers and workers on the following matters.

  • Harassment & Discrimination (including whistleblowing and internal investigation)
  • Recruitment
  • Dismissal and its related matters
  • Wages (including overtime pay), working hours, leave, industrial accident and other personnel matters
  • Acting as a counsel in labour tribunals and litigations

Crisis management

When injustice or scandals occur in a company or other organisations, their reputation will be greatly impaired and their fates will be affected if proper and appropriate measures are not taken. I provide comprehensive legal services including investigation and determination of the facts, creation of the survey reports and legal opinions, legal advice, media correspondence, criminal accusation, claim of damages etc. on the following matters.

  • Corporate crimes (embezzlement, breach of trust, fraud, theft etc.)
  • Anti-social forces (severing relationships with them)

3. Foreign nationals

Living in a foreign country is usually harder than expected. I know this as I had lived overseas for some years. Having troubles in foreign countries particularly causes great anxiety and stress due to differences in language, culture and social systems. I offer legal services on all the matters on foreign nationals including the following issues peculiar to foreigners as well as family and labour issues explained above.

  • Immigration (visa application, change and extension, special permission of residence, refugee assistance, administrative litigation, etc.)
  • Naturalization, Nationality
  • Various certifications and notaries (Apostille)
  • All the other matters in daily life

4. General civil and corporate cases

In addition to the above, I also have experience in negotiations, mediation, litigation, legal advice, etc. on the general civil and corporate cases. Please feel free to contact me on these issues.


  • Land and building leases
  • Neighbourhood disputes
  • Breach of contract and tort liability
  • Debt collection
  • Overpayment collection
  • Debt consolidation, bankruptcy, civil rehabilitation procedures


  • Advisor contract
  • Breach of contract and tort liability
  • Debt Collection
  • Preparation and review of various contracts
  • Advice on the shareholders’ meeting and the board of directors
  • Consultation regarding various laws and regulations